Shepherd Hardware 5-3/4-Inch x 8-Inch Reusable, Slide Glide Furniture Mover Pads, Beige, 4-Pack

Shepherd Hardware

The Shepherd Hardware Low Friction Mover Pads are designed with SlideGlide technology that removes the friction between your furniture and carpeting. This allows you to move heavy or cumbersome objects easily. These low friction furniture sliders make it easy to move or change the furniture layout in your home all by yourself. The Shepherd 9335 model features 4 mover pads with 5-3/4″x 8″ size.

Intended for temporary or long-term use, Store & Reuse Movers Pads are placed under heavy furniture or appliances to allow for easy sliding on carpet
Sturdy and rigid plastic material slides easily over carpet as furniture rests on cushioned bases
SlideGlide pads significantly reduce the friction between heavy furniture and carpet for easy and safe movement with little effort
One person can safely rearrange or clean behind furniture while protecting carpet from damage
5-1/2 inch x 8 inch rounded rectangular taupe plastic Movers Pads with foam cushion & smooth plastic side for contact with carpet - 4 Pack

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