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Aqueon QuietFlow™ Power Filter- 10

  • UPC: 015905060806
  • Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet
  • SKU: 158585

Quiet Filtration - As water enters the ProFlex, it flows through a revolutionary bubble diffuser chamber where bubbles are expelled, significantly reducing noise. After water flows through the bubble chamber, it flows through two 200 micron filter socks to remove large particulates.
Flexibility - Transform the ProFlex into three completely different setups
Keeping Things Flexible - 3 Easy Ways To Create Sump Styles
Refugium - Add a refugium light to create a thriving refugium for your reef aquarium. Live rock and certain plants/algae help control excess nutrients that may hinder the growth of corals in the main aquarium.
Wet/Dry - Using the BioMedia Accessory Pack, turn the ProFlex into a traditional wet/dry trickle filter. Great for use in freshwater and fish-only saltwater applications to provide advanced biological filtration for a heavy fish load.
Berlin - Ideal for reef applications where utilization of a large protein skimmer is imperative. The expansi