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Scotts® Nature Scapes® Advanced Classic Black Mulch

  • Manufacturer: Scotts

With New Scotts® Nature Scapes® Advanced Color Enhanced Mulch is the only garden mulch designed to extend color longevity, conserve water and prevent weeds naturally. Use up to 30% less water than with ordinary mulches while still getting the year long color (guaranteed!) and the natural weed prevention you have come to trust. 2 cu. ft.

Each Nature Scapes Advanced mulch offers several advantages over ordinary mulches. To start, Nature Scapes Advanced mulch includes Scotts' Water Smart design, which uses exclusive water-directing polymers that evenly guide water from top to bottom over your roots. With Water Smart, you can use up to 30 percent less water in your garden compared to traditional mulches, making Nature Scapes Advanced a particular favorite in mid- to late summer. Nature Scapes Advanced also keeps its classic black color for one full year, guaranteed. No more wondering why your three-month-old mulch looks just as plain as your dirt pile in the corner. Best of all, Nature Scapes Advanced mulch prevents weeds naturally. A 3-inch layer of Scotts mulch will block growth and sunlight for weeds of all kinds, so your groomed landscape will look great all year long.