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  • UPC: 045663190118
Easy snap on adjustable belt keeps garment securely in position. They are completely waterproof and washable. Use with Four Paws sanitary pads.

  • UPC: 669125536780
Reduce urinary nitrogen levels and reduce the potential for high pH urine that can damage grass. A great chicken flavor treat that promotes a healthy pet and a spotless lawn.

  • UPC: 669125999202
A special blend of herbs and antioxidants help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out. It also helps to eradicate staining due to saliva around the mouth and on hair. It does not contain alcohol, dyes or chemicals

  • UPC: 669125999233
Formulated with a special blend of natural ingredients to keep ears dry, clean and odorfree by providing a moisutre barrier within the ear canal. It is particulary well suited for after bathing or for dogs with floppy ears

  • UPC: 669125999240
Gently and easily removes dirt and wax build up from ears and around the ear canals. Its soothing and non-irritating formula is especially helpful to maintain ear health in dogs with floppy ears

  • UPC: 669125999370
Gently and thoroughly removes tear and saliva stains. Its soothing and non-irritating formula allows for regular use to prevent the recurrence of stains around the face and fore paws.